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The psychotherapy treatment process and therapeutic relationship should feel safe and respectful. Psychotherapy offers a practical and effective way to life enhancement–allowing you to fulfill aspirations for personal growth, resolve conflicts, recover from trauma and complete any self-improvement goals you may have. Our goal is to break self-defeating thoughts, patterns and processes to create a more fulfilled, healthier and happier you.


We begin with a comprehensive interview and assessment, in which we identity conflicts, issues and concerns, for the purposes of choosing appropriate treatment goals. Within a safe, supportive environment we explore patterns and processes within your life–identifying survival defenses and dysfunctional conclusions about yourself that resonate. These identifications may be a result of past experiences and traumas. These defenses and conclusions can create blocks in your ability to experience a positive sense of self.  


As we deepen our understanding of subtle processes and gain greater insights, your true sense of self will be revealed and experienced, creating the freedom to move into the positive truth of who you are.


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