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Hypnotherapy is one way to reach information in the subconscious that can be linked to the cause of conflicts and problems. Among other things, hypnotherapy allows one to reconnect with all parts of oneselves. By connecting with our subconscious self, we create a more effective way of resolving conflicts, problems, and ultimately experience emotional healing. I often use a combination of hypnotherapy and hypnosis.


In hypnotherapy, we begin by creating a deeply relaxed state, focusing on your mind and senses. In this state you connect more deeply with your subconscious. You will begin to experience a heightened response to positive words and suggestions created for your benefit. You will relax and gain deeper contact with your emotions, feelings and intuitions. Through hypnotherapy you bring the challenges, conflicts, patterns and feelings from your subconscious mind to awareness in your conscious mind. This process helps you gain greater insight and clarity, lift repressions and heal through cathartic release. From this process, you may move forward to thought and behavioral changes.  If we are conscious we live consciously!


You now have the opportunity to recreate your “life’s script” to include healthy new patterns of thought and behaviors. These new healthy ways of being in the world are made much more available to you.


Additionally, we empower you by tapping into and developing your unconscious strengths, which we call: your positive shadow parts–now available in your conscious mind.



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