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Specific Treatment Areas

Below are some of the issues you can effectively deal with in use of counseling, hypnotherapy, EMDR and other therapeutic techniques:


Improve Your Self-Confidence

Transform old negative beliefs and thoughts into new, healthy positive beliefs and thinking about yourself! 


Release Depression, Anxiety, & Post-Traumatic Stress

Hypnotherapy works well to help you understand core issues with depression, anxiety and many other problems. It also helps you learn cognitive behavioral changes that are known to decrease symptoms. Using hypnosis to visualize positive success imagery allows for behavioral rehearsal and lends itself to a hopeful future.


Phobia Management

Avoidance due to phobias can seriously limit and diminish life quality and freedom of mobility. We use a combination of tools to heal phobic responses to daily activities (e.g. driving, flying, bridges, tunnels, elevators, public speaking, animals, etc.). Usually with combined therapies, phobias can be eliminated or greatly reduced.


Stress Management

Hypnotherapy, along with EMDR and other therapies are ideal in helping people calm, relax and sooth the brain and body. Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and will give increased mastery over stress levels.


Mind/Body Hypnotherapy

We might use hypnosis to explore the underlying emotional and/or historical significance of an illness, disease or symptom. This work may lead to symptom reduction or greater understanding of the psychological components of an illness or symptom. One experiences a deeper understanding of the relationship between the mind, emotions and body. Some examples of medical issues we can treat with hypnosis are dermatological disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, improvement in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, arthritic conditions and cystitis. Additionally, hypnosis is useful in pain management and many other problems.


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a therapeutic relationship in which we explore the emotional issues invloved in sexual challenges or blockages. It may involve individual or couples therapy. My goal is to help resolve and heal concerns related to erectile dysfunction, female pain disorders, low libido, desire discrepancy, uncomfortable fantasies, questions about fetishism or gender identity and other concerns. People can have confusion about their own sexual identity, orientation or gender. Having a place free of jdugment to explore these life challenges is vitally important. Healing can be significant change, acceptance or anywhere in between. I am happy to have an initial phone consultation to determine if sex therapy and working with me would be a good choice for you.


Public Speaking

Utilizing both hypnotherapy and/or EMDR removes the self-consciousness that can make public speaking frightening or phobic. As a result, people feel more confident and less self-conscious as they engage in calmer public speaking.


Test Anxiety/ Performance Anxiety

Many people find themselves immobilized by high pressure when taking a test. Their usual recall becomes challenged and they experience an immobilized or freeze response.


Combining traditional psychotherapy with adjunctive therapies, people are able to release themselves from the debilitating effects of anxiety during their test taking and performance. Feeling relaxed during testing allows easier access to recall. As a result, the test reveals a true reflection of one’s knowledge rather than one's anxiety.


Performance Enhancement

Behavioral rehearsal and moving blocks to peak performance frees one to access their best selves at any moment.


Resource Development

This is also called finding your positive shadow parts - they are waiting for you! You can access and enhance positive parts of yourself that have been lost or unknown in your conscious mind. An example could be accessing and developing a previous sense of humor that was lost and burdened through a difficult life. Resource development often occurs spontaneously when other trauma work is completed.


Dream Therapy

Dreams are powerful entryways into the unconscious or subconscious layers of ourselves. With effective exploration of our dreams we can find a wealth of information about who we are, including clues to our healing and the healing of our shadow elements. I am skilled in the use and integration of dream information for psychotherapeutic purposes in psychotherapy, hypnosis and EMDR.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps both members enhance communication, increase understanding of yourselves [both individual and in relation to your spouse/partner;] increasing empathy and compassion for each other. This results in each person managing challenges, problems and triggers more effectively. Relationships have many dimensions; and life may lead to the loss of loving, empathic communication, and the mutual intimate depth of understanding for one another that creates gratifying and fulfilling relationships. Couples can explore each other’s wants, needs, fears and relationship patterns to resolve problems, and reconnect with love, empathy and understanding–leading to enhancement of life.





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