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Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) Workshops

Most of us have layers-upon-layers of emotional, physical, and mental blocks that keep us from knowing the truth about who we are and what we can really accomplish in our lives. Releasing these blocks means the difference between being in charge of your life, versus the hidden parts of yourself taking charge.


The Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) is an opportunity to explore these deeper levels and move beyond our self-imposed limitations, focusing on, but is not limited to: codependency, addictions, sexual abuse, mind/body issues, relationships and more.


Within the PTI framework you will experience these powerful techniques:

  • Hypnotherapy.  A dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis,  Gestalt approaches and energy work
  • Breathwork.   Sometimes called “conscious connected breathing” or “rebirthing,” which integrates emotional, physical and spiritual healing [view more information on the Breath Work page]
  • Energetic Psychodrama.  An awesome and powerful form of psychodrama which incorporates trance work and energy work within a traditional psychodrama format
  • Guided visualization and meditation.


The Personal Transformation Intensive Workshop is a powerful heart-centered group experience centered around personal growth. If you are seeking an experiential program focused on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing: this is the program for you. This innovative program is adjunct to individual therapy because it carries the participant deeper into their personal healing processes than permitted in one-on-one client settings. PTI transcends the surface level of the roles we play, into who we really are.


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